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Value Proposition

M&A Nexus makes it easy for CEOs and CFOs to connect with investment banker for their mandates. Currently, most M&A marketplaces are dedicated to actually selling the business rather than running a bake off to determine which investment banker to actually use. This causes many businesses to run an inefficient process leading to an emotionally driven advisor decision. M&A Nexus creates a place where CEOs and CFOs can run their bake offs in an efficient manner.

How It’s Unique

It’s unique because the platform is entirely dedicated to helping CEOs and CFOs decide which investment banker to use. It’s special because businesses share their Mandate allowing investment bankers to learn more about their buy or sell side needs and then to connect.

The Big Benefit

The big benefit is that it helps CEOs and CFOs run an effective bake off in order to discover the right investment banker to work with. This helps them avoid search costs traditionally related to the procurement of an advisor.

M&A Professional Network

Makes it simple to connect with investment bankers which eliminates the search costs of finding an advisor.

Bake Off Marketplace

Makes it simple for investment bankers to learn about buy and sell side mandates from businesses within their coverage area. Once an investment banker finds a Mandate that overlaps with their coverage, they can then connect with that business and participate in the bake off.

Connect Globally

M&A Nexus makes it easy for CEOs and CFOs to connect with investment bankers. Businesses can create a profile and immediately start connecting with potential advisors by running a digital bake off. Fill out your Mandate now and start connecting at www.MnANexus.com